Slide Optimize your e-commerce site's SEO to bring in more traffic from search engines. With our SEO services, we make it easier for online merchants to get Google's organic search traffic.


SEO for eCommerce is a hard-fought battle. Everyone in the industry wants to achieve the position in the first page of Google.

We all are aware of the fact that the website which is at the top position in Google will get 10 times maximum clicks and CTR. So, it is important to make an effective SEO strategy and work on it to achieve the top position in SERP.

E-commerce websites can benefit greatly from our expertise in optimizing for Google’s top search results. Small, medium and large ecommerce stores have worked with us to improve their search engine rankings by optimizing product pages, technical SEO, backlinks from genuine sources, proper use of schemas, the proper scope of photos, and keyword-optimized content.

In eCommerce SEO, optimizing websites for rapid search results and complying to the guidelines of search engines without utilizing thin-duplicate material is the most significant aspect. Numerous online shops are penalized for having weak or redundant product pages and categories.

Thin content management is a specialty of ours, as is making a website fully compliant with search engine standards, including those set forth by Google. Your store will be analyzed by our SEO professionals, and a strategy will then be devised to increase your organic search engine ranks, traffic, and conversion rates.

SEO may have a significant impact on an ecommerce company’s bottom line by bringing in free, high-quality traffic, raising customer awareness of the brand, and increasing the number of sales.


Why Choose HRM Index as Ecommerce SEO Agency?

HRM Index is the place to go if you want your e-commerce store to be in secure hands. You may put your faith in us because CLUTCH has rated us as one of India’s top digital marketing firms.

A large number of ecommerce businesses trust us with their SEO needs, and we consistently exceed their expectations. Our professionals know how to acquire the most traffic and organic ranking possible. Achieving the intended outcomes for our clients is something we take great pride in doing. Our work speaks for itself, and we’d be delighted if we could help you develop your business!

Result Section

We have a Track Record of Delivering Excellent Results.


PROCESS OF OUR Ecommerce SEO in Business

1. It is important to conduct keyword research.

You can rely on us to help you locate the proper keywords to improve your website’s search engine rankings. Your website, rivals, and other relevant keyword phrases will be examined before we come up with the final list of keywords.


We’ll do a website audit to find out what’s wrong with the site. We will begin working on the website after all of the problems have been discovered. 


There must be a detailed description of the product on a product page. Product pages that are attractive and easy to navigate benefit customers. We’ll help you improve your website’s search engine rankings by incorporating important keywords into your product pages.


The optimum user experience is provided by a website that is simple to use. We will assess your website’s navigation and optimize it so that your customers enjoy their time on your site and depart when they’ve purchased a product from you.

5. Analyzing the Competition

If you want to grow your business, this is an excellent option. We can learn everything there is to know about our competitors by conducting competitor analysis. We’re here to assist you grow your company.


When it comes to Google rankings, this is one of the most crucial aspects. Your website’s authority and organic ranking will be enhanced by our high-quality backlinks.



Search engine optimization for e-commerce



In the event that your online store is not bringing in enough revenue, our eCommerce SEO services can help.



We can increase your revenue by directing search engine traffic specifically to people who are interested in what you have to offer.


Strategic Marketing Planned

As part of our service, we will ensure that your business website’s marketing strategy is designed just for it.



We will optimize your website so that it reaches as many potential customers as possible so that you can maximize your sales.





An e-commerce site must be search engine friendly. We all hope that our internet business will be discovered by customers.



Our SEO professionals will help you raise your business revenue by increasing your site visitors’ conversion rates. In comparison to more traditional marketing tactics, all of our eCommerce SEO services are extremely cost-effective.

You will save money, and your products and services will be more widely distributed thanks to our marketing tactics. To ensure that your business is getting the best possible traffic from search engines, eCommerce SEO can help.


All our eCommerce SEO service are cost-effective, ensuring you get more results with less money as compared with the traditional marketing methods.


You will be paying less, and through our marketing strategies, your products and services will reach a larger geographical area.


eCommerce SEO can help to make sure you are getting quality traffic to boost your busines from search engines.



  • What is eCommerce SEO?

    In simple terms, eCommerce SEO helps to bring business in the limelight. It is a process that is focused to enhance your eCommerce store’s online presence especially to make it visible to the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Content rules almost every single factor associated with eCommerce business. How can eCommerce agencies be a helping hand in this scenario? Of all other points, mostly an eCommerce store will help you to write unique content for the categories and product descriptions on your eCommerce website. It is important to understand that informational and engaging content is one of the most important factors which drive traffic to your website. Remember the more traffic your site gets the more conversion rates which leads to overall good sales. It is advised to hire an eCommerce SEO agency if you face difficulties in creating an online presence of your eCommerce business.

  • What are eCommerce SEO services?

    Certainly, since you’ve reached a point of wanting to know about eCommerce SEO services, you must have made your mind to consider and consult one to enhance your eCommerce store’s online presence and amongst people. The services which you will receive from the eCommerce agency start with one level and lead to another one. The first service will be “keywords search”, this will help you to get results based on your targeted keywords. You must have heard the easier to find, is easier to get. Users don’t usually dig much deep into the results when they are finding something online, most of them consider the top results which they see. Therefore, the second step aims towards making your eCommerce store’s online presence much visible and easier for the audience to reach. Keeping it simple for any user to reach your website, the second step also involves presenting your website simplified for the audience to understand and buy products from it. Whereas, the other services help you in your eCommerce store’s link building. Here the eCommerce agency team plays a smart role, they build a link between your keywords and your website to make sure that when a user searches for specific keywords in results they get respective products from your website.

  • How much do eCommerce SEO services cost?

    There are several factors that influence the overall cost charged by eCommerce agencies. First of all, it depends on the type of results you want. Choose an eCommerce agency based on your budget and the type of result you want for your eCommerce store. Basically they provide the strategies that will help you in your eCommerce store’s site ranking. Monthly retainers, contract services, project expenses, and hourly counseling are some of the ways to calculate the total eCommerce cost. Not to forget, the urgency from your side for the results will also affect the total cost.

  • How much time does eCommerce SEO take?

    The results of eCommerce SEO services won’t just appear in the snap of the fingers. Undoubtedly, professional work by the eCommerce store will provide solutions and effective results for your online store. There is no particular time in which you should expect to see the results after getting the eCommerce services done. Sometimes results are seen within a less period of time, whereas at times results take a while or long to show the difference. In a nutshell, you need to keep patience in this scenario because eCommerce SEO services take some time to show results.

  • Is there any guarantee provided by the eCommerce SEO services?

    Although being one of the most economical and effective ways to grow an eCommerce store, people still remain doubtful about the services provided by eCommerce SEO agencies. Let’s clear this doubt too, a reputed, well-known and experienced eCommerce SEO agency offers a guarantee on all of their services. They are well experienced as they provide eCommerce services to numbers of companies they are aware of their best shots aiming to get the results. They know very well the loopholes on your website and where the work is needed therefore, being so experienced and good at their work, most of them do provide a guarantee for their services.

  • What type of online stores can use eCommerce SEO services?

    To get into this it is important that you have enough knowledge about sales and online stores. You can sell anything online like clothes, stationery, shoes, bags, etc,. It is suggested when you’re planning to commence an eCommerce store you can contact an eCommerce SEO agency which will help you in all the right ways to sell your products and services. There are many things involved in setting up an online store, i.e. hosting, marketing, designing, advertising, etc. Talking about professional services, ROI Minds can help you with it in the best way possible. They intend to provide the best services to build your store and set a benchmark in itself. ROI Minds aims to increase brand awareness of your online store amongst as many people as possible. We build your brand reputation and driving traffic to your website in order to increase your ROI.

Our Pricing



LOw Cost – High Deliverable

  • Research, Assesment & Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Meta Tags
  • Heading tags, Alt Tags, & URL Optimization
  • Local Search Marketing
  • Content Audit
  • Content Creation
  • Article Posting
  • Backlinks
  • Reporting



Most Popular Plan

  • Previous Plan Features
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Research, Assesment & Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Click-Through Optimization
  • Citation Building
  • Guest Blogging
  • Article Posting
  • Content Audit/creation
  • Monthly Strategy Meetings
  • Weekly Reporting



Most Value package

  • Previous Plan Features Plus
  • Advanvced Link Building
  • Do Follow Backlinks
  • Strategic ongoing meetings
  • Guest blogging
  • Content Auditing
  • Content Creation
  • Content is king
  • Website content optimization
  • Client Collaboration
  • Monthly Strategic Meetings
  • Reporting