Email Services:    Google, Gmail, Outlook, Sbcglobal

  • Gmail Services 


To send the email to several recipients at one time Gmail launched by Google accessible from any device whether iPhone, Android or Desktop. It lets you undo sent emails, forwarding email, security with verification steps, 


shortcuts in keyboard and also readable in offline mode. You can easily create an account of Gmail account by filling personal information in the signup form.

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  • Outlook Email Services launched by Microsoft provides personal email service by creating a free account in a few signup steps. Along with email, it provides task managing, note-making, web browsing, calendar and many other features.


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  • Sbcglobal Email mail has now converted as a part of mail. can only link up with Yahoo after merging AT&T and Yahoo. So now, to login SBCGlobal first you redirect to Yahoo mail service In the login page fill your AT&T Username and password, and then you will be able to log in your account.