Applications: MS Office, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook

  • MS Office for Android & Iphone


You can easily download the MS office software on Android or iPhone, by signing in through Microsoft account or you can also connect with the third party storage service. This app is cost-free and used without signing in, but it doesn’t let you access and save documents in the cloud. 


  • Mozilla Thunderbird for Android & Iphone


If you are willing to use Mozilla on your Android or iphone, this is significant to know that Thunderbird is compatible only for the Desktop. No mobile version has come into trend till now, nor the chances depict to release in the case of Android, due to limited resources of the Thunderbird community in comparison to Mozilla.


  • Microsoft Outlook


For iPhone and Android users, you are easy to access Outlook in your mobile from Apple app store (only iPhone users) and Google Play Store with free installation. In Android version office 365,, iCloud, Yahoo mail, Gmail and IMAP get ready to work after signing in.